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Tandem flights $295 

Come paraglide with us and experience free flight in its purest form! No minimum age requirements. We have flown passengers from 5 to 94 years young. You can fly tandem with an instructor pilot who provides everything you need and helps you with every step. You and your instructor run down the grassy hill of Poo Poo Point located at the top of Tiger Mountain and let the wing carry you away. There is no jumping involved!  After running a few steps you suddenly find yourself airborne, sitting comfortably in a reclined harness, your feet dangling above the trees with no one in front of you and no cockpit surrounding you. No noise – just you and the wind.


We will launch from Poo Poo Point located at the top of Tiger Mountain. Depending on conditions, you can have views of Mount Rainier, Mount Si, Lake Sammamish, Bellevue, Seattle, the Puget Sound and so much more. Bald eagles and other predators leave their nests to ride the same thermals allowing you to literally fly with eagles!

We fly tandems under FAA exemptions #9785G and #4721. Please see the Conditions and Limitations

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