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Seattle Paragliding Office
Seattle Paragliding driveway

The day of your tandem flight: 


Please text or call after 8:30am the morning of your scheduled tandem to confirm: Marc 206.387.3477

Plan on spending 2.5 hours once you arrive at Seattle Paragliding to go through orientation, complete release form, get up the mountain, fly, and enjoy watching your video after your flight on our big screen TVs in the barn.

Seattle Paragliding is located at 11206 Issaquah-Hobart Rd SE in Issaquah. When you arrive, you can park your vehicle in front or behind the office building (pictured above), if space is available. If parking is not available at Seattle Paragliding or at the Tiger Mountain landing zone, there is paid parking ($5 cash) across the street. Please give yourself ample time to find parking so that you will be on time for your orientation. 


Once at the Seattle Paragliding facility, you will walk down the gravel driveway to ‘the barn’ (pictured above) for orientation at your scheduled time. If you plan on hiking up to the launch site, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Scheduled times are typically 11:00, 1:30, 4:00 and 5:45. We will let you know when you schedule. Example: If you are scheduled for the 11:00 time slot, you will need to be at the Seattle Paragliding facility at 11:00 for orientation (10:45 if you plan on hiking up to the launch site).

AFTER orientation, you have a choice for how you get up the mountain:

You can hike up (typically takes 50 – 90 minutes depending on your conditioning) or you can take the 25 minute shuttle ride up to the launch site. The cost of the shuttle ride is $20 (cash) per person.   


Your tandem instructor will record your in-flight experience with a GoPro. You can optionally purchase this video directly from your tandem instructor for $50.  

A gratuity to your instructor when they give you a great experience is always appreciated.


Your Preparation:

Wear good shoes (sneakers, athletic shoes) and a windbreaker/light jacket. The air in flight can be cool even on warm summer days. During the cooler months in the fall and winter, dress warm (fleece layer, warm jacket, etc.). 

Do not drink alcohol 12 hours before flying.

If motion sensitive, refrain from eating 3 hours before flying and consider taking Dramamine or like product.

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