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Do you think you want to become a pilot and fly free on your own? Our full course of instruction provides unlimited instruction for $2,950.00. The cost of your tandem flight can be applied 100% to the full course.


Tandem training
You do 3-5 tandem flights with an instructor where you fly and land the glider with their direct instruction and assistance.


First Solo
With multiple radios for safety, we help you launch, fly and land a glider on your own for the very first time. There are few moments in life as exhilarating as your first solo!


Addition solo training flights
We help you gain experience and knowledge by knocking out another 35 or more solo flights all under direct instructor supervision.  


Around the 35 flight milestone, you’ll receive your certification as a novice paraglider pilot giving you the opportunity to fly without direct instructor supervision, but we’re still there for you too! We provide unlimited instructions, and many of our pilots continue to actively train to improve their skills for many years. 


Ground school
All this time, you will be learning about weather, aerodynamics, safety, piloting skills, and much more in our beautiful facility at Tiger Mountain, up on launch, or around the bonfire at night.


Spreading your wings
Our team of pilots fly at sites all around Washington state and the world. After you have gained experience at Tiger, you’ll want to take your wing and see what its like at other sites, and our team is ready to take you with us an introduce you to just how big the paragliding world is!


Students usually purchase their own wing and harness in the first 5-15 flights once you know for sure paragliding is for you and you’ve had a chance to try out some our our different wings.  We ask you to put down a  $1,500 deposit towards purchasing your own wing and harness.  These typically run $3,800 and $1,000 respectively.  Used gear is also available. Most people want to purchase your own wing and harness early in the training so you that you can receive training on your own personal equipment. 

Instruction with Tiger Mountain Paragliding takes you from a student all the way through to an advanced pilot.
• Up to 5 tandem flights with an instructor
• Student through advanced pilot instruction / guidance
• Use of a radio equipped helmets
• Extensive ground handling instruction
• Theory classes


There is no time limit, allowing you to get the required number of flights at your own pace.

Contact Marc for more information. Cell: 206.387.3477 email:

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